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FREE Louisiana OMV Permit Practice Test Two 2019 | LA

You’ve come to our site to find help in preparation for your DMV Permit Test – and it’s exactly where you should be to find this help. We don’t make empty promises to issue you a driving license in no time. Instead, we give you an opportunity to feel what a DMV exam is like with the help of our 2nd LA permit practice test. It gives you practice in answering multiple-choice questions about traffic rules based on the new official Louisiana Driver’s Guide, the most relevant reference to date. You can take this test without leaving your home, at any time, and at no cost. Right, practicing with us is free, you don’t even have to register. Sounds good? Then try it!
Below is the first question followed by four answers. Your task is to choose the most accurate one and click it – pretty much the same as you would do in a real DMV test, except that we included some hints to help you. The progress bar on the left-hand side of the page will mark each of your successful attempts with green. If the answer is wrong, the bar will flash red and you’ll be offered an explanation of your mistake – make sure you read carefully in order to not repeat it in the future. Do our test as many times as you need to boost your self-confidence – each time the tasks will be randomized to give you better practice.
Do you find it helpful? Tell your friends about it by tweeting or clicking the “Like” button above. Enjoy doing our LA permit practice test – your chances to pass a real DMV exam will increase immensely.
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